From ToBeIT, we are looking for a Cloud Engineer to work for one of our main clients, a leader in the aeronautic sector, whose offices are in Madrid.

What we expect from you:

– Functional requirements

Aligned with Product Team and “Cloud Engineers Local Guild”

Commitment to work based on cloud best practices & Well Architected Framework

Proactive attitude to detect and propose improvements

Empower Developers Team in cloud adoption

Great communication with the rest of the Cloud Engineers

– Observability

Review definitions with Solutions Architect

Design & implementations of tools’ agent (e.g.: Dynatrace, Datadog, Splunk…)

Design & implementations CloudWatch alerts

Review and improve application events and technical logs


Identify potential issues to communicate to Solutions Architect

Provide feedback


Define CI/CD pipelines (implementation, execution, evolution…)

Review and implement deployment infrastructure (Terraform, CloudFormation, K8S)

-Scalability & Performance

Review and support team implementing high scalable & optimized solutions


Implement stability patterns (e.g. service mesh, rollback strategy…)


Collaborative programming

Infrastructure Code review

-Architecture and Design

Design sessions with the team, Solutions Architect and Software Engineering

Communicate with Software Engineering for a common vision

Communicate with Tech Lead

-Roadmap vision

Multiple sprints

How you will work:


Agile (Scrum)


Continuous Integration

Infrastructure as code

Observability Practices

Relational, key-value and document Databases

Application Performance Analysis

Performance and load testing


Test Driven Development

Domain Driven Design

Object Oriented Programming and Design

Hexagonal and Event Driven architectures

Java with Spring Boot

JS with Angular

With whom:

-You will be a part of an agile team with its Product Owner, QA, Scrum Master, and a “Cloud Engineers Local Guild”.

-There are some people that will be able to assist you: There is a Software Engineering Team that can help with architectural, design, or other high-level problems; there are DevSecOps and more Cloud Engineers to help in more specific needs, some key roles such as Tech Leads and Solutions Architects to support and guide you… You will not be alone.

The goods:

-Flexible work hours

-Mainly remote