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Elasticsearch solutions for your company

Elasticsearch solutions allow you to obtain a unified view of your entire IT ecosystem

How can we help you?

Elastic Partner

Elastic gathers your logs, metrics and traces of your applications (APM) in a single repository to know in real time everything that happens in your computer systems. It applies Machine Learning algorithms to the collected data to react preventively to deviations and anomalies. Aggregate external data sources to understand the relationship between IT and business KPIs.

Elastic Partner

What do we do as an Elasticsearch partner?

Our technical team is specialized in Elasticsearch solutions for companies and works in the following areas:

  • Implementation and management of Elastic solutions (APM, Logs, Metrics, SIEM, etc)
  • Definition of the required architecture
  • Dashboard configuration
  • Platform security
  • Custom plugin development
Elastic Observability

Elasticsearch observability solutions provide fast and relevant search of your data.

  • Logs: The Elastic Stack (ELK Stack) is the most popular open source logging platform.
  • Metrics: Add metrics in a simple way and relate them to the information provided by the logs.
  • APM: You will be able to know where your application is spending time, being able to analyze each trace and code execution.
  • Uptime: Measure SLAs and react before problems affect users.


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Elastic Security

By integrating two critical components for cybersecurity (Endpoint Security and SIEM), Elastic Security solutions provide preventative, collection, detection, and response capabilities for unified protection of the entire fabric, achieving threat prevention and detection.

  • Prevention against ransomware, malware, phishing.
  • Prevention against vulnerabilities.
  • Anomaly detection applying Machine Learning.
  • Threat detection and security alerts monitored in real time.


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