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Solutions for Log Consolidation

Elastic as a centralized management tool

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In organizations that have a large technological park, it is necessary for its administrators to rely on centralized management tools.

The current reality is that, in critical situations, the logs produced by the different IT assets that exist from the origin of the information to the user are deposited in different places, they are managed by different people and in a different way.


A global solution

There is a clear lack: a centralized log management tool that makes it possible to analyse, in the best of cases, opportunities to improve a service; and in the worst case, the root cause of an incident/degradation/anomaly from end to end, having real-time information from each of the layers that can make up the complex infrastructure of the services (application firewall, elements of network, application servers, applications per se, database, operating system, storage, etc…, etc…).

It is essential to have a solution that not only stores and centralizes the logs generated by the different assets, but also allows a quick interpretation of them.

Log interpretation through Elastic

ToBeIT works with Elastic to provide a solution to this need. With the use of Elastic, access to the logs (or other types of data) that each user may need can be made available to the entire organization (being able to segment visibility by each type of user and even obfuscate certain information from specific logs that do not everyone should be able to see).

All the information in real time

Through the use of Stream provided by Elastic, it will be possible to have real-time access to all the information that is being ingested regarding the infrastructure/application. In addition, it will be possible to make use of all the potential that the tool provides (Machine Learning Jobs for anomaly detection, integration with AD/SAML, alert configuration, SIEM, etc.). And, last but not least, it will be possible to correlate the information coming from the logs with the metrics of the infrastructure and the APM traces of the application in order to have a complete vision of the infrastructures/applications).


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