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Zabbix, distributed monitoring solution

Deploy Zabbix and get a unified view of all your assets

Zabbix is a reliable, robust and comprehensive monitoring solution that enables companies to ensure the availability and optimal performance of their IT infrastructures.

This monitoring and open source network management tool is used to monitor the integrity of network devices, servers, services and applications.

In addition, Zabbix is characterized by its high scalability, as well as its ability to integrate into environments of different sizes, ideal for complex enterprise infrastructures, but also for smaller ones.

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Zabbix for a complete control of your IT infrastructure

Zabbix allows you to monitor and collect data from multiple sources, such as performance metrics, event logs and availability data. This data is visualized in customizable dashboards and used to generate reports and alerts, as well as for better decision making.

This monitoring solution is highly popular globally and offers a unified view of all network, server, cloud and application assets. Zabbix stands out for its ability to provide a complete and detailed view of the status and performance of different technology infrastructure components.

In addition, this monitoring tool is distinguished from other solutions by its deployment flexibility. It can be adapted to a wide range of enterprise environments (on-premise, cloud or hybrid), making it easy for organizations to monitor and manage all their assets efficiently.

Zabbix stands out as a complete and flexible tool for monitoring and managing IT infrastructures. Its ability to provide a unified view of all assets, adapt to different business environments and offer a wide variety of features makes it an optimal solution for organizations looking to take full control and optimize their systems efficiently.

Why ToBeIT as a Zabbix partner?

At ToBeIT we are experts in IT infrastructure monitoring solutions, application performance management and user experience.

Our focus on operation, quality and security allows us to provide a personalized and quality service to companies throughout Spain.

We work with the best tools on the market, such as Zabbix, for its powerful functionalities. This monitoring solution has been implemented in large technology companies.

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