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OOC Platform

Observability Operations Center

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The OOC platform is the solution on which ToBeIT’s Observability Operations Center is based.

The solution facilitates, in an agile manner, to know what happens in applications and allows users’ perceptions to be checked. All of this is agile and adaptable to continuous change.


ToBeIT's OOC platform

The OOC platform collects information from all the possible sources of data that can be generated by any of the IT assets that support an application: user emulation, metrics, logs and traces (APM and RUM); stores all the information collected in a ToBeIT’s datalake located in the cloud with a one-year data retention variable depending on needs; and represents the information using an open and universal standard (Grafana) that allows the addition of other sources of information not related to the observability of the application.

Observability provides knowledge

Observability is based on the conclusions we can draw from the internal state of a system based on the knowledge we have of its external results. And this implies being aware of the things we are aware of and of which we are not, of which we understand and of which we do not understand. In all cases, the existence of a technological platform that brings these needs to life in the real world is required.

Your own observability

ToBeIT’s OOC platform allows the configuration of the alarms that the customer needs to be able to control the availability of the applications, and notifications can be sent through different channels.

The intake of all the information in a datalake located in the cloud allows the platform to be deployed very quickly and the versatility in the collection of information allows the platform to be adapted very quickly to the needs of each client.

ToBeIT provides the total solution to customers who want to have their own observability platform.


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