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Outsourcing Services

We offer quality extended capacity for IT

How can we help you?

At ToBeIT, our goal with Outsourcing services is to offer our clients “extended quality capacity” in IT Departments.

  • Systems Technique
  • Applications development
  • User Support Services
  • Implementation of solutions
  • Consultancy

Maximum flexibility in the service provision modality; from a "turnkey" Project scenario to Technological Headhunting, passing through Professional Services.


Turnkey services for IT consulting, application development or solution deployment.

Professional services

Agreements in "time & materials" format for the transfer of resources in projects managed by the client.

Headhunting IT

Selection of resources for the IT department.

Managed services

Service level agreements (ANS's) for application maintenance, infrastructure management and user support.


Development of services in the client's offices or in our work centers.


Contact our specialists to assess your project.
Request information or, if you prefer, call us at 937 377 773 / 910 604 006.

Accept the conditions of the legal advice