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Observability Operation Center (OOC)

The Observability Platform that allows you to know the user experience

How do we help you?

Current context | We are blind, we do not know the reality of the users

Organizations need to know what is happening to their applications and their users when they use them. And they need to do it quickly and agilely and with something that adapts to change.

The digital transformation makes it a critical need to optimize the user experience (availability, speed, accessibility) in terms of the use of the digital services offered, whether they are internal or external users, customers, suppliers or partners.

Traditional (asset) monitoring solutions do not provide a satisfactory response to an analysis of the service seen from the user’s perspective (service degradations occur, intermittent errors, even when all the indicators are “green”).


It is necessary to change the approach to the problem

The end-to-end view of applications has become a much more difficult task, because the complexity of their architecture and their heterogeneity have increased exponentially, and because more and more applications include dependencies with other systems or applications than many of them are impossible to control.

The evolution from the concept of monitoring to that of observability involves not only predicting the answers (what is going to happen?) but also predicting the questions (what should we worry about?)

How can I know the reality of the users?

It is necessary to have a solution that allows verifying and objectifying the perception of the use of applications by users. Contrast what they perceive with what actually happens.

With current architectures, applications usually do not stop working 100%, but rather degrade in some of their actions, for some of the users and from some places; And they do it intermittently. This makes it much more difficult to reproduce a perception and find what caused it.

Something is needed to identify the origin of said perception, to verify if there is any pattern that is reproduced every time that perception exists and to facilitate anticipate that it will happen again.

ToBeIT's Observability Operations Center

The Observability Operations Center is the ToBeIT observability operations center from which the two service levels are developed in the observability of client applications:

Basic Service Level

Deployment of the OOC platform instance for the client as well as its maintenance. At this service level, the ToBeIT observability operations center will be proactive in detecting changes in the application that imply the modification of the deployed observability. Deployment on ToBeIT’s OOC platform is agile and flexible.

Advanced Service Level

Additionally, at this level an intelligent control will be carried out in which Machine Learning Jobs will be activated to automate the detection of anomalies. In the face of intelligent detection, the ToBeIT observability operations center team will help in forensic analysis, to identify the origin of the incident, anomaly or problem. This service includes proactive capabilities through trend analysis and artificial intelligence.



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