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IT Governance

IT Process Management Projects and Services

How do we help you?

  • Do you need a ticketing tool or an IT manager tool?
  • Do you want to manage assets connected to a corporate network?

ToBeIT offers our customers our extensive experience in providing service and solutions to IT Departments, focused on optimizing then technological services provided to the business.


Ticketing Tools and IT Service Management Tools

ToBeIT offers assessment services and support to deploy ticketing tools and it service management tools. We deploy IT process (based on ITIL):

Service Desk Plus

Visibility and central control to ensure that the business does not experience downtime.


Plan, track, and manage all software development and agile projects in Jira.

Service Management Automation X (SMAX)

Intuitive optimization and easy to extend and upgrade with completely code-free setup.

Discover IT Assets solutions and automated inventory solutions

We deploy services that allow us to manage all assets connected to the corporate network and their attributes, like costs, contracts, warranties, maintenances, financial info, etc…

Additionally, it is possible to manage information related to each resource, such as costs, purchase data, contracts, guarantees, maintenance, financial information, etc.


Contact our specialists to assess your project.
Request information or, if you prefer, call us at 937 377 773 / 910 604 006.

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