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IT security

The fields of action of our security consulting services are:

How can we help you?

  • Confidentiality: Ethical hacking, Intrusion Test, Access Control, Security Audits, secure code analysis
  • Availability: contingency plan, BIAs, PCNs
  • Legality: adjustments to the LOPD, LSSI advice
  • Normative: gap analysis regarding ISO 27001, ISMS As partners of HPE and Sophos we can supply, implement, maintain and support implementations of their respective products.

We have a practical vision of Information Security Management. We rely on services limited in time and budget that offer “quick-wins” to our clients so that they can rationalize investments and speed up the implementation of necessary corrective measures.


Pen Testing - Ethical Hacking

Security audits should help improve the robustness of systems and applications against possible attacks and intentional misuse.

Within our ToBeIT security area, we carry out technical security audits in its various modalities. We organize the audits in phases, through which, and among other activities, we evaluate the possibility of penetration into the systems by analyzing the vulnerabilities as a whole; we check the security of the network and devices; we analyze the resistance against a malicious attack of the applications, their possible intentional misuse and the robustness of passwords; we review code vulnerabilities; etc.

What kind of technical audits do we carry out?

  • Perimeter Security Technical Audit
  • Internal Security Technical Audit Technical Security
  • Audit of Wi-Fi devices
  • Access Security Technical Audit
  • Technical Security Audit of Web Applications

At the end of the technical security analysis, we deliver two reports: one of them with the technical vision (describing the process followed) and another, the audit report including the vulnerabilities found (classified by risk levels), the possible corrective measures and a action plan proposal.

Additionally, we always propose a results presentation workshop for the attendees that the client requires (CIO, CISO, CTO, CEO, DG).


Contact our specialists to assess your project.
Request information or, if you prefer, call us at 937 377 773 / 910 604 006.

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