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Still don't know Checkmk software?

As experts in monitoring, we offer you the best solutions

Obtain a complete vision of your IT infrastructure quickly and effectively.

  • Anticipate failures or threats in the system.
  • Save time on IT maintenance.
  • Get the most out of HW resources.
  • Improves customer satisfaction.

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What is Checkmk software?

Checkmk software offers a comprehensive solution to the need for IT monitoring in a robust, powerful and easily scalable way. Checkmk software provides a broad, real-time view of the entire infrastructure, including systems, applications, services, and business processes to ensure its maintenance. Initially, Checkmk software was based on Nagios, but with added features that make it a more complete tool.

Checkmk software is designed for large companies, both in the public and private sectors, since it provides the possibility of monitoring the entire IT infrastructure centrally in a single tool and thus anticipating possible failures or degradations in the systems.

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Checkmk software features

Checkmk software allows you to monitor complex IT environments in a simple and scalable way thanks to its more than 1,900 ready-to-use official plugins, allowing:

  • Combine metrics and log data for quick problem identification.
  • Visualize the information in dashboards or through Grafana.
  • Obtain detailed information about your infrastructure.
  • Receive personalized notifications.
  • Scalable monitoring with a distributed architecture.
  • Streamline problem identification and root cause analysis.

The Checkmk software interface is very intuitive and quick to learn, allowing the customization of panels. The main functionalities of the Checkmk software are:

  • MK Live Status. It allows knowing the status of the systems in real time through a socket with hardly any resource consumption.
  • Multisite. It is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) version of Checkmk that offers the user customizable panels and views with different filters. In addition, it allows centralized monitoring of different installations through the Checkmk software.
  • EventConsole. It allows managing the events received from other applications, as well as processing, classifying and executing them through various rules.
  • Through the Web Administrator tool it is possible to apply small configurations in a simple way without being an expert in the tool.
  • Alert system. Checkmk software allows you to schedule alert notifications through various channels such as email, SMS or even Telegram. In addition, it is possible to apply different configurations for each user, being able to activate alerts by email during working hours and through SMS for incidents outside of working hours.

In addition, the Checkmk software allows you to schedule the sending of personalized reports in order to obtain relevant metrics about your infrastructure.

What do we offer as experts in Checkmk software?

At ToBeIT we are specialists in monitoring solutions based on Checkmk software. We have been implementing, maintaining and updating monitoring systems based on Checkmk software for years to help companies anticipate any failure or degradation in their systems.

  • Checkmk software implementation projects adapted to the needs of each infrastructure.
  • Optimization of obsolete monitoring deployments.
  • Maintenance, support and administration of monitoring solutions based on Checkmk software.

Why implement Checkmk software?

Asset monitoring is an essential part of any business digitization strategy as it allows the anticipation of possible threats to the infrastructure that may negatively affect the company’s productivity. In addition, they allow the source of the incident to be identified more quickly, which speeds up resolution tasks, reducing periods of system inactivity.

The monitoring solutions offered by the Checkmk software allow you to configure alerts that send personalized notifications to the technical team in charge of their resolution. In addition, Checkmk software helps provide a better user experience by ensuring system availability. Likewise, they are key to reducing the workload of technical teams, thus saving on IT maintenance.

At ToBeIT we help you deploy IT monitoring tools based on Checkmk software to anticipate any incident and guarantee the success of your strategy.

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