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Observability Solutions for Retail

Points of Sale

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A particular case where observability becomes a differentiating point are organizations with a high level of geographical dispersion. And there is no environment more geographically dispersed than the world of Retail.

Historically, in this world there has been a need to monitor what happens in stores, and at the same time, the complexity associated with geographical dispersion has limited the satisfaction of this need. On the other hand, in this world there is a need to have real-time information (both IT and business) about what is happening in stores.


Real-time processing

At ToBeIT we deploy agents that collect, process and send store device logs (classical POS) to a centralized Elastic repository, and process this information in real time, representing it in a way that is beneficial to the end customer.

Request information

Types of information that can be collected and represented are:

  • Average connection time of the POS with the bank
  • Average connection time of the POS with the organization's central office
  • POS version
  • Amount of the ticket
  • Time of purchase
  • Store identification
  • Payment card identification
  • POS metrics (CPU, memory, etc.)

The solution is not intrusive and provides the organization with direct information about the most critical business activity (sales) in real time.


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