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Observability solutions for DevOps

Monitoring and observability in digital environments

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DevOps combines development and operations into a unified framework that breaks down silos and encourages collaboration throughout the lifecycle. In this environment, SREs can implement operations that ensure the availability, latency, performance, and resiliency of software systems, and CI/CD practices can provide well-aligned and automated development, testing, delivery, and deployment.

Observability is based on the ability to know the health of an application or system from the data it generates, which in academic terms are logs (or records), metrics and traces. The goal is to understand what is happening in all environments and technologies (hardware components, software, cloud infrastructure, containers, microservices,…) to be able to act beforehand before what should not happen happens.

As organizations embrace cloud-native architectures, they are also looking for ways to implement AIOps, leveraging artificial intelligence as a way to automate more processes across the DevOps lifecycle.


Observability is fundamental to DevOps

Observability is not only the result of implementing advanced tools, but a foundational property of an application and its supporting infrastructure. Architects and developers who create software must design it to be observed. DevOps and SRE teams can then leverage and interpret the data observed throughout the software delivery lifecycle to build better, more secure, and resilient applications.

Because observability is fundamental in the adoption of a DevOps policy.

DevOps is a cultural and tactical shift that closes the gap between development efforts and operational obligations by combining teamwork with technology to streamline software delivery, standardize testing and quality gates, and automate processes and response to incidents.

Only with efficient observability management to manage the entire DevOps toolchain can teams maximize efficiency, minimize error rates, and meet continuous delivery expectations.

ToBeIT provides this observability management for DevOps teams with an agile, versatile, adaptable, secure and efficient platform.


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