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Do you already know the Elasticsearch stack?

As partners we offer you the best solutions

At ToBeIT we are specialists in the use of Elastic-based solutions:

  • Implementation and management, architecture definition.
  • Dashboard configuration.
  • Platform security.
  • Development of custom plugins.

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Discover the tailor-made services for your IT infrastructure

Elastic Observability

Discover the data observability tools that allow you to know the relationship between IT and business KPIs.

  • Logs: The Elastic Stack (ELK Stack) is the most popular open source logging platform.
  • Metrics: Add metrics in a simple way and relate them to the information provided by the logs.
  • APM: You will be able to know where your application is spending time, being able to analyze each trace and code execution.
  • Uptime: Measure SLAs and react before problems affect users.
Elastic Security

We offer the tools that provide unified protection of the structure, achieving the prevention and detection of threats.

  • Elastic SIEM: Leverage the speed, scale, and relevance of Elastic SIEM to power your security operations and threat hunting.
  • Elastic Endpoint: It is the only protection product that completely combines prevention, detection, and response in a single autonomous agent.

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