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Observability services to optimize your digital operations

Real-time monitoring and analysis of application performance from the user experience

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Application performance analysis

Discover how to verify and objectify the perception of the use of applications by users

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What do we offer?

Elasticsearch-based solutions

We offer implementation services, architecture definition, configuration and custom security.


Monitoring with Checkmk

We monitor your IT ecosystem with Checkmk to provide a broad and real-time view of the entire infrastructure.


Help desk projects with ServiceDesk Plus

We enhance the technical assistance and asset management of your company with ticketing tools.


Process Robotization (RPA)

We achieve an immediate and easily measurable ROI by implementing automation solutions.


Our services

As a technological partner, we focus projects on the real needs of our clients to optimize their operations.

Application Performance Analysis

Measuring the real perception of users is possible.

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Infrastructure Monitoring / Cloud

Infrastructure monitoring projects and services.

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IT Governance

IT process management projects and services.

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Outsourcing Services

We offer quality extended capacity for IT.

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Process Robotization (RPA)

Discover why process automation is key in Digital Transformation.

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IT security

The fields of action of our security consulting services are...

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Observability and measurement from any location

They have trusted us

Observability solutions

At ToBeIT we are specialists in observability solutions. Find out what we can do for you.

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Request a demo

Contact our certified team to propose a demo of the project and optimize your IT processes.

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Our technological partners

We work with the main manufacturers in the market to deploy current, innovative and guaranteed solutions. Our team is certified in the use of the most powerful and scalable tools.


Contact our specialists to assess your project.
Request information or, if you prefer, call us at 937 377 773 / 910 604 006.

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