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ToBeIT, your Nagios Partner in Spain

Monitor your IT ecosystem with Nagios (License from $1,800)

How can we help you?

Logotipo Nagios Reseller

As Nagios Partners in Spain, we help you anticipate any problem knowing in real time the status of all your servers (either at the Operating System or Hardware level), of your network infrastructure (switches, routers, APs, etc) and, also, your applications and business processes. In the event of any anomaly detected, you will be able to alert the technical department or, if you prefer, execute automatic actions to try to correct the situation.

Logotipo Nagios Reseller

When you buy the Nagios XI license, you will acquire an edition based on Nagios Core that will make it easier for you to use the tool and will provide many extra utilities:

  • Greater scalability and monitoring efficiency
  • All administration of the tool is done from the web interface
  • Wizard-Based Monitoring Configuration
  • Powerful API to automate tasks, perform integrations, extract data…
  • Multi-client or multi-site capability for distributed monitoring
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What do we do as Nagios Partner in Spain?

At ToBeIT we are Nagios partners of reference in Spain. We have been implementing, maintaining and updating Nagios installations for years, to ensure that our clients monitor their IT infrastructure and prevent critical situations in their computer processes. Our main fields of action are:

  • Implementation projects of monitoring tools based on Nagios Core license and Nagios XI license.
  • Update of obsolete installations.
  • Design of personalized reports for the exploitation of the data generated by monitoring based on Nagios XI.
  • Developments for Nagios and Nagios XI (both custom plugins and connectors to third-party tools).
  • Maintenance, support and administration of monitoring tools based on Nagios Core and Nagios XI.

At ToBeIT, as the official Nagios partner in Spain, we help you implement and deploy monitoring solutions through the Nagios XI license in a way that is adapted to your company.


Contact our specialists to assess your project.
Request information or, if you prefer, call us at 937 377 773 / 910 604 006.

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