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Process Robotization (RPA)

Discover why process automation is key in Digital Transformation

How can we help you?

  • Do you want to robotize a repetitive business flow?
  • Do you need to integrate existing applications without changing systems?
  • Can’t find an easy way to automate legacy application integrations?
  • Looking for automation to quickly increase your ROI?

At ToBeIT, from the specialization in process automation (RPA) we manage to create, scale and ensure automated processes throughout the company in a practical and non-invasive way.


What is Process Robotization (RPA) and how will it help you?

Organizations currently spend a lot of time carrying out superfluous and/or repetitive tasks in which many errors occur (moving files or directories, opening emails and attachments, logging in to applications, filling in forms, manipulating or mixing data).

However, process automation replicates and repeats the actions that a user would do, but without getting tired (24 hours), without making mistakes and faster.

As experts in Process Robotization (RPA)...

At ToBeIT we help you understand what RPA is and how to implement it to get the most benefit from it.

Process Robotization (RPA) is not a task completely detached from people, since they require specific rules to perform the desired tasks. At ToBeIT, as experts in RPA software, we help you in the digital transformation process of your company by implementing RPA tools to automate tasks and increase the productivity of your business.

  • We identify manual tasks that are repetitive, rule-based, excessively time-consuming, and/or easy to get wrong.
  • We design automation flows.
  • We deploy the necessary platform to launch or program the flows, auditing their correct execution.

Which departments benefit from RPA tools?

Process automation (RPA) allows you to automate repetitive tasks, relieving the workload for your employees so that they can focus on more essential aspects. Furthermore, RPA software can benefit different departments:

Robotization of Processes for Human Resources

Processes such as the completion of forms, payroll processing, data completion or other administrative tasks can be automated through RPA tools. This allows staff to focus on other tasks that require more decision making, such as hiring or training staff.

Robotization of Processes for accounting or finance

In this case, it is possible to automate processes such as the payment or registration of invoices, registering new suppliers, filling in data for accounting closing. Automating financial processes increases productivity by allowing employees to focus their time on non-automatable tasks.

Robotization of Processes in customer service

This department requires a high response speed and work with large volumes of information. In this case, RPA tools help streamline tasks by managing user requests, answering or opening emails or filling in information.

These are some examples of how RPA software can benefit the different departments of your company. As experts in the implementation of RPA tools, we help you automate tasks according to the specific needs of your company.

Benefits of RPA software

As RPA software implementation specialists, we help you automate superfluous tasks so that you can obtain the benefits that process automation can bring to your company:

  • Optimization of tasks and processes.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Decrease in errors.
  • Productivity increase.
  • Greater speed of information processing.
  • Scalability to adapt to activity peaks.
  • Standardization of processes thanks to the implemented rules.
  • Improve the user experience.

What is an RPA robot?

It is an RPA software or process robotization software that, thanks to rules and automation flows, is responsible for carrying out tasks repeatedly 24 hours a day. By executing the processes by means of rules, mistakes are avoided, thus relieving the workload. There are two types of Process Robotization (RPA) bots:

RPA bot attended

The bot works together with the rest of the employees to speed up and simplify tasks. A clear example of the use of this type of bot is Call Centers where, despite the need for human assistance, the bot can make it more efficient, thus achieving greater customer satisfaction.

Unattended RPA Bot

The Bot works independently without the need for human assistance. They are usually used in any back office task that is susceptible to automation and that does not require human assistance in decision making.

At ToBeIT we help you successfully implement RPA software and automate processes as the axis of your company's digital transformation.


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