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Observability Solutions for SAP

SAP integration using Elastic

¿How can we help you?

Historically, SAP has always been an independently “silo” in all organizations. Both at the administration level and at the monitoring/observability level, SAP is usually managed separately since SAP’s operation is independent of the rest of the technologies involved (WAF’s, Balancers, AD’s, etc).


Performance optimization

The fact of having “silos” in the organization means both an increase in costs and a waste of effort and resources.

At ToBeIT we help integrate SAP Monitoring/Observability into the organization using Elastic and other tools.

In this way, by centralizing SAP logs and metrics with information from the rest of the linked infrastructure (FireWalls, Balancers, etc…), end-to-end observability of all SAP is available over-time.



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