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Moritz factory, Barcelona

Moritz factory, Barcelona

Thursday February 16, 2023

From 10h to 14h (breakfast and visit)

Meet the challenge

From Monitoring to Observability

We invite you to attend the event where you will discover how to evolve from Monitoring to Observability with Elastic, explained in first person by our team, customers and manufacturer.



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From monitoring to observability

Discover how to verify and objectify the reality of users

In this event you will meet, by the hand of great professionals in the sector:

The solution to new challenges

With Andrés Peñarrubia, Channel & Alliances Director - Iberia & Italy of Elastic

Why ToBeIT as a partner in the Elastic world?

With Ferran Puentes, ToBeIT Director of Operations

How to have information from dispersed sources (stores) in real time with Elastic?

With Sergi Vendrell, Operations Center Manager at Mango. IT Department

Elastic as a log consolidation solution and opportunities that it provides in new security and observability scenarios (APM, Synthetic Monitoring and Metrics)

With Olsen Morales Zeledon. IT Infrastructure Manager. GH IT SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY Grifols

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The agenda

Moritz factory, Barcelona

Thursday 16 February 2023

From 10h to 14h (includes breakfast and visit)

9:30h - 10h

Arrival and coffee

10h - 10:15h

Welcome (Albert Valls, CEO of ToBeIT)

10:15h - 11:30h


11:30h - 12h


12h - 13h



Visit to the Moritz factory, Networking and Farewell

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