Application Performance Management / User Experience Management

User Experience Management & Applications Performance Monitoring

How do I measure the REAL perception of users?

Traditional monitoring solutions do not respond satisfactorily to an analysis of the service from the user's perspective (degradation of the service may occur, although all the indicators are "green"), so it is necessary to change the approach to the problem.

It is necessary to have a solution that allows us to verify and objectify the user perception of the applications.

At ToBeIT we provide a service that addresses User Experience Management & Applications Performance Monitoring from three visions: Forensic, Operational and Predictive; using different solutions from different manufacturers.

This service, based on the realization of a Differential Analysis, allows us to provide to organizations:

Finding that there is a degradation or indisponibility in the service or if it is a subjective assessment by a group of users.

Identification and Diagnosis of which IT assets are causing degradation of service, using "differential analysis" based on five axes: temporary, element, location, application and transaction-component TCP.

Help to resolve the incident.

Prevention , by means of a continuous measurement of user experience during the life cycle of the applications.

What is the main need when an organization search to prevent ?

Many organizations have tools that monitor IT asset areas (Scom, SiteScope, Nagios, OP5, PTRG, etc…). When there is a dispersed universe of information sources, it is necessary to consolidate data and turn them into useful information for organizations. If this is complemented and / or correlated with user perception information, the qualitative leap in the use of IT services is guaranteed and represents an improvement in all organizations.

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